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HindiMeTour collects user data in the manner described below:

Subscription to a newsletter

We just collect your name and email address in order to provide you the content of our newest stories. Giving this information is entirely optional. We don't use these email addresses for anything else. You always have the choice to reject the offer. The instructions for unsubscribing are at the bottom of each email. If you have any problems unsubscribing, you can get in touch with us.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a site analytics tool offered by Google, is used by HindiMeTour. "Cookies" are used by Google Analytics to track user behavior on the website. Google places the generated data on American servers for storage.

Installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on will always allow you to opt-out.


All of the pages on HindiMeTour may use Google Adsense in future. Please read on internet "How Google utilizes information from sites or apps to serve ads to you".

Sharing your personal information

User information is never traded, sold, rented, or given away by HindiMeTour. With our commercial partners, we could occasionally exchange generalized, agglomerated demographic data that does not include any personally identifying information about our visitors or users.

Use of HindiMeTour

You agree to and accept this policy by using this website. Please don't utilize HindiMeTour if you disagree.


Our updated contact details are always available at HindiMeTour Contact Page.

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